SOG FAB : Animal feeding management

Your comprehensive web application for efficient and streamlined management of animal food products. Whether you’re dealing with staple items like soya or intricate compound products such as concentrates, SogFab simplifies the entire process, providing a user-friendly interface for businesses in the animal nutrition industry.

  • Client SogFab
  • Date 12/11/2016
  • Services Web Application
  • Budget + 4 000 $
  • Duration 9 Months

Présentation du projet

SogFab – Web application developed for a company selling simple products for animal feed such as soy, corn, Cmv and products composed of other products for example 1kg concentrate is composed of 700 g soy and 300 g bran. Among its features, I can cite:

Points on technologies​

This project is composed of two parts, FrontEnd part developed by Angular 8 and a BackOffice part developed by Laravel 7. Communication between these two parts is ensured by web services

Pre Request Tools installed in OS
Packages used on the Angular side
Packages used on the Laravel side

Video Presentation

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